Dr.-Ing. Abdolreza Kharaghani

Gruppenleiter Porennetzwerke und Trocknungstechnik

PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Reza Kharaghani

Lehrstuhl Thermische Verfahrenstechnik
Universitätsplatz 2, 39106 Magdeburg, G10-220

Born August 23, 1980, Tehran

University Education

2003-2005 MSc. Chemical Engineering, University of Science and Technology
1999-2003 BSc. Chemical Engineering, Babol Noshirvani University of Technology
1996-2000 HND. Computer Science, Scientific-Cultural Center Research


Research Degrees

2020 Habil./Priv.-Doz. Venia legendi in Process Engineering Porous Materials, University Magdeburg (OvGU)
2010 PhD. Chemical Engineering, OvGU


Scientific Career

since 2023 Invited Visiting Professor, Lodz University of Technology
since 2020 Principal Investigator & Project Leader, CRC/Transregio 287
since 2013 Head of Pore Networks and Drying Group, OvGU
since 2013 Tenured Research Associate, OvGU
2010-2012 Research Associate, Colloid Process Engineering SPP 1273
2006-2010 Research Assistant, Research Training Group 1554


Honors and Awards

Award for Doctoral Supervision, University Magdeburg, 2016

Young Scientist in Drying Award, 18th International Drying Symposium, Xiamen, 2012

Best Research Paper Award, 7th Asia-Pacific Drying Conference, Tianjin, 2011

German Academic Exchange Service, July-September, 2009

Best Oral Presentation Award, OvGU, 2007

Best Oral Presentation Award, OvGU, 2006

PhD grant, German Research Foundation (DFG), 2006-2009



Google Scholar


Commitee memberships

Associate Member of the International Fine Particle Research Institute (IFPRI), since July 2023 (https://ifpri.net/)

Member of the Scientific Committee of EuroDrying2023, Łódź, Poland, 2023

Invited Advisory Board Member of the German Working Party on Drying - DECHEMA,
(http://www.drying.de/fachausschuss-aktuelles.html), since 2019

Guest Member of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering Working Party on Drying (https://efce.info/WPD.html), since 2017

Member of the Scientific Committee of EuroDrying2017, Liege, Belgium, 2017

Board Member of the Steering Committee of German Chapter of International Society

for Porous Media (https://www.interpore.org/community_cat/germany/), since 2016

Associated Member of the Research Training Group 1554 Micro-Macro Interactions of Structured Media and Particle Systems, (https://www.grk1554.ovgu.de/), 2010-2019


Editorship of Journals

Topical Advisory Panel Member and Guest Editors of Chemical Processes and Systems Section, published by MDPI, since 2020

Academic Editor, Int. J. Chemical Engineering, published by Hindawi, since 2020

Associate Editor, Drying Technology, published by Taylor & Francis, since 2017



Motivated by research topics emerging from applications in process and product engineering to energy conversion, our focus is on describing, understanding, and modeling of kinetically-controlled processes such as drying, wetting, and thermochemical conversion. Our approach to studying these processes involves developing novel mathematical models (whether they are discrete or continuum, based on physics or data) and using modern experimental methods (such as X-ray tomography and magnetic suspension balance). Through these efforts, we aim to provide new insights into how microscale physics influences macroscopic observations, allowing us to develop predictive tools for efficient processing that are tailored to product features and quality.



Ongoing research topics

  • Modeling of thermochemical conversions in porous particles
  • Development of CFD frameworks for spray drying with fine particle recirculation  
  • Modeling of porosity development in slurries
  • Modeling of liquid droplet drying in the presence of gas mixtures  
  • Characterization of inner morphology of high aspect-ratio porous media
  • Modeling of transport phenomena in porous media containing particle suspensions
  • Development of data-driven control strategies for fluidized bed biomass gasification


A list of past and ongoing research projects can be found here


Teaching Activities

Transport Phenomena in Porous Systems (grad, lecture, enroll. 25, summer 2019)

Transport Phenomena in Porous Systems (grad, tutorial, enroll. 30, summer 2018)

Umwelttechnik und Luftreinhaltung (undergrad, lecture, enroll. 5-10, since 2014, yearly)

Abwasserreinigung Abfallbehandlung (undergrad, lecture, enroll. 5-10, since 2014, yearly)

Bioseparation (undergrad, lecture & tutorial, enroll. 10-15, since 2013, yearly)

Drying Technology (grad, lecture & tutorial, enroll. 30-50, since 2012, yearly)

Verweilzeitmodellierung (grad, lab work, enroll. 50-80, since 2012, yearly)

Gefriertrocknung von Obst (undergrad, lab work, enroll. 5-10, since 2012, yearly)



Since June 2022 Jing Chen (OvGU) PhD Supervisor & Examiner
Since May 2022 Johannes Buerger (OvGU) PhD Supervisor & Examiner
Since Jan 2021 Ziba Hashmeloo (OvGU) PhD Supervisor & Examiner
Since Jan 2022 Xiang Lu (OvGU) Postdoc Mentor
Since Sep 2019 Ninghua Zhan (OvGU) PhD Co-supervisor & Examiner
Since Nov 2018 Ibtihaj Khurram Faridi (OvGU) PhD Supervisor & Examiner
2017-2022 Faeez Ahmed (OvGU) PhD Supervisor & Examiner
2017-2022 Hafiz Tariq Mahmood (OvGU) PhD Supervisor & Examiner
2016-2021 Xiang Lu (OvGU) PhD Supervisor & Examiner
2015-2021 Pham Thai Son (OvGU) PhD Supervisor & Examiner
2016-2018 Yasaman Jabbari (OvGU) PhD Supervisor
2013-2017 Kieu Hiep Le (OvGU) PhD Supervisor
2013-2016 Arman Rahimi (OvGU) PhD Supervisor
2013-2016 Alireza A. Moghaddam (OvGU) PhD Supervisor
2013-2016 Reihaneh Pashminehazar (OvGU) PhD Supervisor
2011-2014 Yujing Wang (OvGU) PhD Supervisor
2011-2014 Yu Sun (OvGU) PhD Supervisor
July 2020 Md Mahiuddin (QUT) PhD External Examiner
Feb 2020 Yefeng Li (UL, UK) PhD External Examiner
2017-2019 Arman Rahimi (OvGU) Postdoc Mentor
2015-2018 Rui Wu (OvGU) Postdoc Mentor
Since 2009 More than 45 students (OvGU) MSc Supervisor & Examiner
2022-2023 Hongbo Liu (SPU, China) Vis. Scholar Advisor
2021-2022 Kamila de Sa Oliveira (UFRJ) Vis. Scholar Advisor
June 2019 Vikranth Surasani (BITS) Vis. Scholar Advisor
2015-2016 Imen Gouaou (UC3) Vis. Scholar Advisor
2015-2016 Samira Shamaei (UT) Vis. Scholar Advisor
2013-2014 Rezeda Gayfullina (KNRTU) Vis. Scholar Advisor
Nov 2013 Vu Hog Thai (HUST) Vis. Scholar Advisor
July 2013 Angel Calin-Sanchez (UMH) Vis. Scholar Advisor

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