Particle Technology and Fluidized Beds


Processes of particle formation and formulation in spray fluidized beds (granulation, agglomeration and coating) are an important area of research at the Chair of Thermal Process Engineering. Common goal of all these processes is the production of free-flowing, dustless, high-value granular products with defined performance characteristics. Granulation is based on spraying of liquid raw materials in form of solutions, suspensions, emulsions or melts. In contrast, fine primary particles are combined by means of a binder to larger aggregates in the course of agglomeration.

Emphasis is put on the experimental investigation with model-substances as well as on the theoretical description of particle formulation processes by means of multi-variant population balances – aiming at a fundamental understanding of the influence of process parameters and material properties on the performance characteristics of the resulting products.

The working group is well-equipped with lab-scale and pilot-scale spray fluidized bed facilities that can be operated with conditioned air or steam in batch or in continuous mode. Furthermore, excellent laboratory equipment for particle characterization is available.

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