Professional course "Drying - Fundamentals and Applications"

18th - 21st March 2024
onsite in Magdeburg, Germany
and online


Almost every material used in solid form (from foods to pharmaceuticals, from minerals to detergents, from polymers to paper, from raw materials and commodities to highly formulated specialties) is dried during production. Drying technology is, therefore, a continuously developing field with various challenges referring to process design, development, operation and automation, to equipment selection, development and use, to energy consumption as well as to the preservation or even creation of desired product properties. The purpose of the course is to provide the essentials of modern drying technology to the participants in a broad but compact way, at a high but understandable level close to practice, including:

  • Fundamentals of drying technology
  • Properties of wet air, capacity of convective dryers
  • Moisture measurement
  • Drying kinetics of single particles or droplets
  • Major drying processes: Equipment, dryer design, scale up
  • Special drying processes and applications, energy demand
  • Laboratory work (guided exercises and demonstrations)
  • Tutorials (guided practical computation and simulation)


Target audience

The course is designed for people from various backgrounds (engineers, chemists, food and pharmaceutical technologists) and with different levels of experience, who need to understand the fundamentals of modern drying technology and apply them to produce better solid / particulate products with more efficient and energy saving drying processes. The course language is English. The course is successfully held since 2014, so that in 2024 we will also be celebrating our 10th anniversary, with numerous and great participation from industry in those 10 years.



Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg

  • Prof. Evangelos Tsotsas
  • Priv.-Doz. Dr.-Ing. habil. Abdolreza Kharaghani

Hamburg University of Technology

  • Prof. Stefan Heinrich

External speakers

  • Prof. Andreas Bück, University Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • Dr.-Ing. Michael Jacob, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik, Weimar
  • Prof. Mirko Peglow, IPT-Pergande, Weißandt-Gölzau
  • Dr. Roland Wernecke, Dr. Wernecke Feuchtemesstechnik GmbH, Potsdam
  • Prof. Maciej Jaskulski, University Lodz



Please register by pressing the first button at the top of the right side of this page and then filling the appearing form. Alternatively, you may contact, preferably by email, Mr. Felix Dieckmann from OVGU GmbH or anybody else from our team (contact data at the end of this page). Your email should have as Subject: Professional Course Drying, and contain following Required Information: Full name, contact address, employer, precise billing address with VAT Id. No., preference for online or on site participation.

The participation fee is 1650 € (plus VAT, if applicable). It includes comprehensive course materials (lecture slides, notes on laboratory work and tutorials), refreshments, lunches, and dinner at the 3rd evening. Videos of lab work and tutorials will be made available to online participants. Please do not remit the course fee before receiving confirmation of attendance and the invoice. Upon cancellation before March 4, 2024, we remit the fee less 50 Euro handling costs. Upon later cancellations no remittance is possible, however, the course documents will be sent. Furthermore, you may nominate a substitute participant.




You can find and download the flyer of our Professional Course Drying 2024 by pressing the respective button at the right side of this page. It would be great if you could distribute this flyer to potentially interested persons in your company and among your professional contacts.




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Contact data


Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg
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Mr. Felix Dieckmann
Phone: +49 176 43 370666

For technical questions contact
Prof. Andreas Bück
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PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Abdolreza Kharaghani
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