Transport in Porous Media

Our research aims at efficient and sustainable material conversion processes and product quality optimization

For this purpose, we develop advanced processes and methodologies that enable defossilization and process intensification. One prominent example is the electrification of process heat supply based on microwave heating, which can be employed e.g. for low-temperature processes, such as drying, as well as for high-temperature processes, such as pyrolysis.

The work is built on a deep understanding of the relevant physical mechanisms, which is achieved by the development of mathematical models. These models are in most cases aimed to link the macroscopic structure-transport correlations with pore scale phenomena. Examples are drying of porous media, the transport of heat and fluids through porous transport layers that are, e.g., used in water electrolyzers or fuel cells as well as the transport of feedstocks and products through biofilms.

The projects are embedded in research alliances CDS, IMPRS, CRC Bulk Reaction and SmartProSys.



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